based in Bad Homburg 🇩🇪, I work as CEO and principal consultant at sistemica and as CTO/Head of Innovations & AI for devtech.pro, helping small businesses and large enterprises, whose vision is to uncover hidden potentials by systems thinking.
As a highly creative mind and fast thinker, I love to think outside the box and to approach problems from different angles. I excel at finding unconventional solutions and with extensive experience and a strong network, I quickly create Proofs of Concept (PoCs), MVPs and build effective teams, delivering end-to-end solutions with automated testing, deployment, monitoring, and logging. I am passionate about forming efficient teams and optimizing developer tools and processes.

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Who am I?

I am an engineer by formation, creative, curious and energetic - that applies technology to solve real-world problems. Personally, I’m a very easy going, sociable, fast-learner, curious and natural leader. I do what I love, and I love what I do: find (simple) solutions for complex problems.

I am a deliberate jack-of-all-trades, master of none. My profile is a hybrid of technical and managerial experience, always related to technological projects. I bring business and product vision to tech teams, thanks to my experience in working as a consultant, building multiple consultant teams from the ground up, and finally starting and developing a company nearly a decade ago. I am a fast learner, curious to see how technology can improve user experiences in multiple areas. I have a strong motivation and sense of responsibility towards myself, my team, and clients (or peers). People appreciate my positive and easy-going, can-do attitude.

On the technical side, I operate as a specialized generalist, maneuvering between different areas to cultivate a holistic understanding of what it takes to develop a successful tech product. I initially served as an Integration Architect and Developer, focusing on TIBCO, and later transitioned to MuleSoft. I am not limited to the mentioned tools when it comes to development as I am also proficient in Golang, Python, and JavaScript. I have a strong understanding of databases, cloud services, and AI/ML. I have a keen interest in no-code platforms and web technologies. I am a strong advocate for automation, CI/CD, and DevOps practices.

Throughout my journey, I have bridged the gap between business processes and developer teams, adept at grasping requirements, translating them into technical specifications, building and leading (off/nearshore) developer teams, overseeing testing, and managing deployments. I have a penchant for automating processes and creating digital twins that accurately reflect real-world operations while upholding data privacy and system stability. Additionally, I have contributed to building several Proof of Concepts across various domains, including web technologies, no-code platforms, databases, and AI/ML. With a keen ability to adapt quickly, I eagerly explore new technologies and tools to address challenges.

About Me


University of Applied Sciences of Darmstadt
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science


With over 24 years of experience working in all kind of project sizes and teams. I have architected & developed digital products and integration solutions to help businesses, solving complex problems with simple solutions.

Companies and Products

sistemica GmbH
Innovest Resarch Partners


A chrome browser extension which gives you the power of AI within a mouse click. Leverage the latest AI models to enhance your productivity, creativity, and decision-making. Seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into your daily workflow.

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A SaaS starter template written in Python, batteries included. Spin up new products with minimal friction and effort within a day. Perfect for PoCs, MVPs, testing market fit but also running the final product!

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[email protected]


Bad Homburg, v.d.H. (DE)